“Amy’s classes strike the perfect balance by being both challenging and restorative all at once. The special attention to hip openers sets me up well for the rest of my athletic pursuits.”

-Gregory Turk

“Amy is fantastic. She is attentive, knowledgeable, welcoming, and friendly.  Amy offers different options for each pose so that you can customize your practice, and always comes around to make adjustments, ensuring you get the most out of every pose. The individual attention is really a high point of her classes. She has created a fun mix of cardio/ yoga classes that make working out fun. I dropped 11 pounds in 2 months just by coming to Amy’s classes. This process has really made me more aware of mind and body and allows me the time to focus on myself even if it’s only for a few moments each day and I’ve become so thankful for these moments. I seriously wouldn’t have stuck with it without her.”

-Jennifer Arguinzoni

“Amy’s pace and cueing is perfect. I feel energized and worked out after Amy’s powerful yoga classes. I look forward to every session!”

-Joni Savage

“I feel much better, have lost 7-8 pounds, and am sleeping much better. My digestion is much improved and even after the detox I still have a bunch of ready-made foods to eat like a pot of black-eyed peas and lentils. I think I will stick with it for the most part, trying to stick to the same principles. I find that a lot of the foods I previously devoured just aren’t that appetizing now.”

-Jim Emery (10-Day Spring Detox participant, 2015)

“Amy’s Barefoot Bootcamp is so approachable and fun, and she fosters such a nice community of encouragement. Her program is was less gym-timidating than doing it at another facility. “

-Lindsay Gsell

“I’ve been doing Amy’s Barefoot Bootcamp class since January after having my second baby and her classes have completely transformed my body and I’m much more like the pre-kid version of myself.  I can’t speak highly enough about her energy, enthusiasm, and kindness. “

-Tara Terry

“I didn’t feel frustration when my cravings didn’t go away but rather reassured. I learned that cravings don’t completely disappear, ever–oh, but wouldn’t it be great to eat m&m peanuts every afternoon at work! I felt that the cleanse taught me to acknowledge my cravings and simply move beyond them, using the different tools for mindful eating that you talk about throughout the detox. Just like when I get tired midday at work and I don’t give up and take a nap, the detox taught me that if i have a moment when I really want have that office cookie I can make the choice to move beyond that point of craving and get to the other side.”

-Caroline Jackson (10-Day Summer Detox participant, 2014}

“As beginners, Amy takes care to make sure our positioning is correct. We feel balanced and in harmony at the end of each restorative yoga session after a stressful day at work. Amy is very knowledgeable and we look forward to the breathing exercises and the relaxing poses that take our stress away.”

-Bob and Sara Frank