Personal (Healthy) Chef Services

It you don’t have the time, skills or interest in cooking for you or your family but still want to eat healthy homemade food, I’ve got just what you need.

In-Home weekly meal preparation

  • Meals prepared for the week for up to 6 people, and include 5 delicious dishes with 4-6 servings each. Enough for the whole week!
  • Desserts and healthy guilt-free snacks are available at an additional cost.
  • I will take care of the grocery shopping and all clean-up.
  • Personalized menu created weekly.

Meal Delivery

  • Meals delivered to your house once or multiple times per week. Details same as in-home prep (above).

Need a gluten-free or vegan personal chef? I can do that too!

Intimate Dinner or Party at Home 

  • Instead of going out to a restaurant, share a romantic and relaxing meal in the comfort of your own home.
  • Don’t worry about the shopping, cooking or cleaning – I’ve got it covered!

Catering for small gatherings (up to 20 people)

  • In home, office, at the beach or traveling. I will make your event spectacularly delicious!

Gift Certificates 

  • Give the gift of a personal chef or health coach to someone you care about. Gift certificates are available for all my MOARfit services.

How It Works:

Step 1

Contact me by phone or email and we’ll get started crafting the perfect in-home or delivery meal plan/nutrition program for you.

I’ll ask questions about your current diet – what works and what you’d like to change.  I’ll also want to hear about any health concerns or goals.  You’ll fill me in on your favorite foods as well as dislikes and allergies.

Step 2

After our conversation, I’ll develop a menu for the first week and email it to you for approval.  If something doesn’t work, you’ll let me know and I’ll make adjustments based on your feedback.

Once you give the okay we will set up a date for me to cook in your home or deliver the food.

Step 3

On the date and time we’ve chosen, I will arrive to prepare the delicious, healthy meals in your home, or deliver them.  Meals will be packaged and labeled with reheating instructions (if necessary).

I will leave your kitchen spotless!