Yoga practices are a powerful complement to professional treatment for Post Traumatic Stress, also known as PTS and often referred to as PTSD. A mindful, embodied yoga practice can provide relief from symptoms and develop the supportive skills that those effected need in their everyday lives. Yoga has proven to help those suffering from PTS along on their healing journey.

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About Amy’s 12-Week Program

Shortly following a traumatic car accident in which Amy was hit while riding her bicycle, resulting in surgery and other wounds of a more emotional nature, she underwent a Mindful Yoga Therapy (MYT) teacher training led by Veteran Yoga Project’s own Suzanne Manafort. During this training, Amy not only learned how to address and help her own post traumatic stress, but also became enamored with the MYT 12-week protocol which she now shares with clients in the comfort and safety of her private home studio. In this program you will learn breathing exercises and mindfulness tools to help you heal. You will also engage in corresponding asana (energetic movement) practice and learn about the Yamas and Niyamas (internal and external guiding principles) of yoga.