EAT real foods. MOVE your body. LOVE your life.

In the words of Chef Cody Penton, the key to eating healthy is “all about maintaining a balance of clean, unadulterated food.” The more whole, real foods you consume–these are the ones that come from the ground, tree or vine–the more vibrant and powerful your body will feel. Certain foods offer higher levels of vitamins and nutrients, but a sustainable healthy diet is seasoned with a hearty dash of variety and a pinch of moderation.

All of us start from different places when it comes to what we put in our bodies, which makes shifting your diet, lifestyle, and/or perspective on food  a very unique and personal endeavor. When I work with people to redesign their relationship with food, I teach them how to process the proud moments and frustrations that accompany any change. We always begin by becoming aware and attentive to what you are putting in your body, and how those foods and drinks make you feel. Tuning in will empower you to make both small and big adjustments to feel your best. From there, together we will develop a nutritional road-map that you can get behind and stick to. This is something that can evolve over time to meet your changing body, mind and scheduling needs. In our work together, we will look at your diet and also at the big picture to help you live a life that is healthy and balanced.

Long-term health and well-being is a journey but one that is well worth the effort. Making a conscious choice to take care of yourself whole-heartedly will impact every part of your life on a profound level.


  • Cooking Lessons (private or small group)
  • Personal Chef Services
  • Meal Planning with Weekly Recipes
  • Kitchen Evaluation & Pantry Cleanse
  • Effective Food Prep & Batch Cooking
  • Budgeting, Time Management & Creating a System
  • The Art of Leftovers
  • Empowered Grocery Shopping
  • How to Read Food Labels
  • Allergy/Elimination Diet
  • Guided 10-Day Detox
  • Special Diets: Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Paleo, Anti-Inflammatory
  • Making Broths for Health