And We’re Brunching!

Week two of my stint on TLC Sunday Brunch kicks off today at 12:00pm EST. I’ll have two 2-minute segments airing between 12:00-1:00pm (likely one per half hour like last week). Rumor has it videos from last week will soon be online, so if you missed it you can catch up. Four of my MOARfit recipes are on, as are some semi-embarrassing behind-the-scenes photos–and I’m sure there are more of those to come!

I took some of my own on-set shots to remember this cool and unique experience…


Ashley On Set

Ashley, our kind and talented Director, was all over the staging and set up. She made my food look amazing–I can’t wait to see those aerial shots!

Kid-Friendly Healthy Pizzas

The food looked just as yummy this week as last. Look at these adorable pizzas! Ereka and I got a little creative and decided to make our on air version look like a happy face with “luscious lips.” Tune in to see that work of art.

Director's View

It’s amazing how much goes into filming these short segments. We had such a fun and hard-working crew. They made the hours fly by!

Hair and Makeup.

Amy and Darryl

Darrell did an amazing job on my hair for weeks 2,3 and 4. I absolutely loved the Farrah-esque waves. Hello, Charlie!

Ereka in Hair Makeup

Ereka had Loretta, Darrell and Pascale’s expert hands helping her get shoot-ready. What’s the saying? It takes a village! Her hair, makeup and wardrobe were gorgeous for weeks 2, 3 and 4. Speaking of wardrobe…

Wardrobe Highlights.

Jazzy Leggings

For our B-roll yoga shoot, I wore the cutest Glyder Jazzy Leggings–which everyone on set was coveting–and Glyder’s comfy Sweat It Out Tank. Both fit perfectly and made me feel totally confident as I struck yoga poses for national TV.

Nina Necklace

I also rocked my gorgeous beads made by my beautiful and talented friend Nina. If you’re interested in buying one of these babies, shoot me an email.

And since I love pretty things…


Purple Bouquet

The props team was putting together STUNNING floral arrangements for another segment. I saw these and immediately started imagining my gypsy/Cirque du Soleil dream wedding.

Sunrise Boquet

I had to muster all my inner morality not to swipe one of these beauties on the way out. It was really, really hard.

Keep check back here and on for more updates, photos and fun recipes.