Lights, Camera…TLC Sunday Brunch!

A few weeks ago, producers for a new TLC show (TLC Sunday Brunch) approached me to be their on air “Health Expert,” sharing several of my MOARfit recipes with viewers alongside the lovely and talented Ereka Vetrini. I could barely contain my excitement despite my best efforts to play it cool. I must say it was kind of a dream come true.

Way back in middle school me and one of my best friends, Jenna, used to do cooking shows for our families or whoever else would stomach our babbling and “creations.” My culinary skills weren’t exactly expert at the time, but both Jenna and I have grown up to work with food and feeding people in our own various ways. Never in a a million years did I imagine, however, that I’d be on TV telling people about my recipes and spreading the good word about how easy, affordable and fun healthy cooking can be.

My brief segments will air today, Sunday, July 27th and next Sunday, August 3rd between 12:00-1:00pm. Get your DVR ready to go! And I just might be filming a few more segments around yoga and mind/body wellness so stay tuned for more info on that!

Here are some photos from my very very cool day:

photo 5

Lights, camera, ACTION. We got to work in my dream kitchen – a HUGE island with tons of counter space and a light, airy vibe.

Amy Rizzotto_TLC Sunday Brunch_Makeup

I got the full treatment with a hair stylist, Daryl, and makeup artist – her name is escaping me but she was so gorgeous and practices yoga and meditation so she’s my kind of chick! I can’t thank them enough for making me look purdy!

P.S. I had those curlers in for nearly 4 hours and was walking around like Betty Draper in my apron and full makeup.

TLC Sunday Brunch_Makeup

I had serious makeup arsenal envy after getting dolled up. A trip to Sephora might be in my near future.

Amy Rizzotto_TLC Sunday Brunch_Headshot

The finished product! They did good, no? If only my hair could look that good every day…

TLC Sunday Brunch_Branded Apron

I even got to rock one of their cute TLC Sunday Brunch aprons. Thank goodness for stylist, Pascale’s handiwork in tweaking it to fit my petite frame!

TLC Sunday Brunch_MOARfit Strawberry Balsamic Tart

Speaking of stylists, my food even had a stylist. Actually, make that two! My Strawberry Balsamic Tart never looked so good.

TLC Sunday Brunch_Crew

A great big THANK YOU to the cast and crew who included me in this wonderful experience and made me feel so welcome and comfortable for my first TV appearance. I don’t know how they do it but they’re amazing!