Take Me to Church – Yoga Church

Taking class at Urban Flow in San Francisco yesterday was like going to church. A really really sweaty church. Communal voices. Offerings of goodwill. Intentions of universal interconnectedness. Close to 100 bodies filled the massive Mission Street studio for the talented Stephanie Snyder‘s creative, challenging and playful 90 minute flow class.

Urban Flow

As a teacher, I was trying to pay attention to her sequencing, listen to how she delivered her cues, and learn from her gifts, while simultaneously allowing myself to get lost in the breath and the movement. The first 75 minutes or so flew by and by the time I found myself resting gratefully in half pigeon as Hozier’s powerful Take Me to Church filled the room with spirit and soul, I was melting into my mat–in the absolute best of ways.

Urban Flow Student

I’m so lucky that taking an hour and a half for myself to go to a yoga class, immerse myself in the experience, and try and draw lessons from different teachers can be considered professional development. It had been way too long since I last did this and it reminded me of a few very important things.

I may be a teacher with things to share but more so I’m a student with SO much to learn.

True I know some things, valuable things, but in many ways I know nothing at all.

That’s the best part about this path. It never ends. There’s always growth. It will never be boring, and if I ever think it so, I’ve stopped seeking lessons and closed off to change. Every day is different and all I, or anyone, can ask of themselves is to show up, be open, and welcome whatever comes our way–the good, the not so good, and the divinely sweaty.