10-Day Cleanse: The Recap

For those of you that did this cleanse, kudos. It’s not easy to follow such a strict diet for 1 day let alone 10–not to mention all of the advance planning, grocery shopping and cooking involved!

I designed this cleanse as a way to strip down what you put into your body and re-start your daily nutritional intake with a clean slate. As you gradually add back in various foods, you gain a better awareness of what energizes your body and makes you feel your best. Some of you may have noticed that your body functions better on less caffeine, less gluten, and/or less meat. Or perhaps you realized the opposite–that your energy levels were far better with coffee, bread and/or animal proteins. Whatever the outcome, doing this helps us tune into our bodies and better understand how to strike the balance between what we crave and what truly nourishes us.

I did not design this cleanse for weight loss, and while you may drop a few LBS if you follow through with it, it’s not about that. If you want to slim down, I’m a firm believer in combining regular exercise and healthy eating as part of your lifestyle. Any cleanse is a temporary intervention, and in this case a reset for your body’s daily dietary intake. In other words, it’s not a panacea. By removing the processed foods, added sugars and salts, and copious quantities of meat with which we so often inundate our bodies, you can begin to understand exactly what your body needs versus what boredom, sadness, and many other emotional drivers tell us it wants.

I’m a big believer that food should be enjoyable but hopefully those of you who try this cleanse will attest that these recipes are pretty darn tasty. I’m not saying you have to eat a vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free diet to be healthy–because let’s face it, you’d miss out on a lot of amazing eats that way–but hopefully this will empower you to make better choices for you and your body long term.

One last thing I wanted to share based on my experience with this cleanse, pay attention to my initial warning and do not work out during the first 2 days of this cleanse as there is little to no protein to help you rebuild your muscles. I don’t want you doing damage to your body by improperly preparing it for exercise and recovery. If you feel the need to work out days 1-2, do some restorative yoga, stretching, or take a long walk.

If you did try out this cleanse I’d love to hear from you. What was your experience like? What changes did you notice in your body? Would you recommend this to a friend?